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on July 03, 2006, 13:06:00

JavaScript Collector - Splash JavaScript Collector is an offline searchable snippet database stuffed with over 200 ready-to-use JavaScripts with the installation package, which you can preview within an instance!!!

With just a mouse click, you can easily preview the output of the JavaScript without any coding in your favorite browser. Just sit back and relax and let the JavaScript Collector do the work for you.

With an easy and overviewable interface, it has never been easier to find those "hard to find" JavaScripts snippets. Just let the JavaScript Collector keep track of all of your JavaScripts and other HTML-based scripts collected and organized all in one place and always in reach!

In the installation package you will find the following JavaScripts Categories:
Background Effects Banners Calculators
Cookies Counters Date and Time
Email Scripts Forms Games
Generators Image Effects Link Effects
Misc Mouse Effects Navigation
Redirection Scrollers Text Effects
Tools & Utilities User Information Window StatusBar Effects
Window Title Effects Window  

New categories can easily be added by selecting "Category Action" and "Create New Category".
JavaScript snippet can be added to the new category and previewed in your browser.
Ofcourse you're not only limited to just insert JavaScripts...
You can add whatever html based code you want!

For example, you can for example create a new catagory for only sheet styles, Html Templates or other usefull code you need!
In JavaScript Collector you'll find something for everyone, from novice to advanced users.

And the best of all......it's FREE!!!
No extra files are needed and JavaScript Collector will not add anything into the registry!

Feature List

  • Add your own Javascripts
  • Remove(Delete) Javascripts
  • Rename Javascripts
  • Edit and Save Scripts
  • Create New JavaScript Catagories
  • Delete JavaScript Catagories
  • Change Language
  • Set Browsers Path for preview the script (Can currently set up to 4 different browser paths.)
  • Set Keyboard Shortcuts to the Script preview
  • Search Scripts
About the Language:
If you add your own language, I would be really glad if you contribute the file so I can add it to the installation package or for download! Ofcourse I'll give all the credit to you!
Feel also free to register in the forum and upload the language file here...

If you want to see if there's new languages posted then please check out this page

If you would like to create a language file in your language, then I've added a guide to do that here > How to create language File!

Languages that's currently included into the installation file...
Language Translator Link
Albanian Gjergji Kokushta www.kokushta.com
Dutch Louis van der Weide  
French Sylvie Pierrard www.gratilog.net
German Franz  
Latvian PlooToN  
Italian Gianni Carrozzo akela.graywolf @ gmail.com
Portugese rsf  
Romanian Dan  
Russian PlooToN  
Spanish Patricio Derito www.studiobaires.com
Ukrainian PlooToN  
Vietnamese Nemesis  
Version Date 2006-10-24
- Fixes Fixed the combo height in the add snippets category
  Using Opera - updates instead of open up a new window
  Using Firefox - updates instead of open up a new window
- Updates Added Albanian, Bulgarian, Danish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Latvian, Bulgarian and Croatian laguages
Thanks everybody for the contributions!!

Version Date 2006-03-21
- Fixes Buttons in the "Snippets View" made wider.
  Language menu now sorts the languages ascending.
  Translation added for #CurrentAction#
  The preview file is now create with the installation (Firefox didn't find the file while creating the file "on the fly")
- Updates Added Italian, Dutch and Spanish laguages
Thanks for the contributions Gianni, Louis and Patricio!!

Version Date 2006-03-10
- Fixes Added shortname to the path of the html preview file for Firefox, Opera and Netscape.

Version Date 2006-03-09
- Fixes Fixed a couple of language issues
- Updates  
  Added German and French
Thanks for the contributions Sylvie & Franz!

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JavaScript Collector - Softpedia "100% CLEAN" Award (Click here for more information) Freeware Pub
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